Process Emergency (Processakuten®)

A tool to solve urgent process problems

Process Emergency is a tool to solve urgent process problems in a pulp or paper mill. With short notice, a team from MoRe can be on site to solve the problem together with mill experts.

Process Emergency is based on a successful combination of MoRe's experience of process problems combined with process data analyses, information and mill people competence as well as with special analysis and studies in laboratory or pilot scale.

We can help you with

MoRe accredited for environmental related water analyzes: wastewater, recipient water, liquefied water, process water and drinking water,

Stefan Svensson, +46 70 234 83 00 E-mail 
Lars Sundvall,  +46 70 526 52 21 E-mail 

Process Solutions

If you need to discuse process solutions please contact:

Chemical recovery and environmental investigations: Staffan Magnusson +4670-2223132, E-mail

Bioraffinery: Hans Grundberg, +4670-5274105, E-mail

Paper Process: Lars Sundvall, +4670-5265221, E-mail

Dissolving och Cellulose Derivatives: Hanna Rammsy, +4672-5006609, E-mail

Wood: Torbjörn Sjölund, +4670-6585821, E-mail



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