The registration is now open: The International Fibre Moulding and Paper Forming Conference 2024

Welcome to The International Fibre Moulding and Paper Forming Conference, scheduled to take place at the historic Vasa Theatre in Stockholm on September 25th and 26th, 2024.

Save the date: Go for the top! May 15th

Translate to English: After last year's success, it's finally time for this year's "Go for the top!". On May 15th, you can climb Varvsberget at your own pace starting from the High Coast Innovation Park.

This event is an initiative aimed at promoting the industrial area of the High Coast Innovation Park, not only its name but also the exciting work happening in Örnsköldsvik right now within this area. It's also an event that aims to highlight the importance of physical activity for a sustainable work life, as well as the importance of meeting and engaging in conversations between people in a simple and relaxed manner.

Stefan Svensson Ekman Medalist 2023

On January 30th, Stefan Svensson, from RISE, was awarded the Ekman Medal 2023 at the Ekman Days 2024 organized by SPCI, the Swedish Association of Pulp and Paper Engineers. Excerpt from the motivation: "Stefan has worked for many years at the research laboratory, always maintaining close contacts with the industry. His area of work has included process changes leading to improved economy, quality, environment, and operability."

Testbed for sustainable foam materials

RISE Testbädd för Hållbara Skummaterial är inriktad på forskning och teknikutveckling kring lågdensitetsmaterial baserade på bioråvaror, restströmmar och återvunna material. Här har vi samlat olika kompetenser samt infrastruktur för uppskalning, förbehandling och analyser. Piloten ingår i Bioeconomy Arena.

Film about Bioeconomy Arena

Now there is a film about Bioeconomy Arena brings together RISE's infrastructure and capabilities for the development, upscaling and commercialisation of new bio-based products and solutions. Through close industry collaboration, a flexible innovation environment is being created from lab to pilot and demo scale, where development along entire value chains is possible.

Call for paper and registration open: 11th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference

The RISE Bioeconomy and Health division, which includes MoRe Research, is organizing the international conference Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC) next year.

There, the latest discoveries and innovations, as well as future needs and challenges, concerning bio-based materials, chemicals and products from biorefineries will be presented and discussed.

The conference takes place October 15-17 in Örnsköldsvik - Call for paper and registration open!

Thermal insulation processing for new and old buildings

The conventional materials we mostly use for building insulation are based on fossil-based compounds. We need to replace them with greener alternatives.