Registration for test comparison PFI mill eucalyptus

Now it's time to sign up for a test comparison for Eucalyptus pulp in the PFI mill. The test comparison are open to all.

RISE has a monter on Pulpaper 2022

Meet our researchers within pulp, paper and packaging at Pulpaper 2022. We stand in monter no. 6p39. You can meet Tomas Anderson, Dino Muhic, Ari Sorsa, Lars Sundvall, Ida Östlund, Peter Hansen, Marta Bialik, mfl.

Sven Norgren speaks at the IMPC in Vancouver, Canada

RISE speaks at the 32nd International Mechanical Pulping Conference 2022 in Vancouver, Canada. The conference takes place between 5-8 June and is organized by the University of British Columbia.

The report is now published for the project On-the-go deposit!

The purpose of the project was to test and evaluate a deposit-return-system on “on-the-go” single use packaging. A three-month test focused on coffee cups. A local marketing communications campaign provided consumers with information on how the packaging was to be recycled. Mini-recycling stations (paper, glass, plastic and ‘other’) were provided within a short walk. The numerous regular ‘unsorted’ waste bins remained in place during the test. 


Registration for ISO brightness test comparison

Now it's time to sign up for a test comparison for pulp ISO brghtness. The test comparison are open to all.

Public defence of the doctoral thesis with Tove Joelsson

On December 15, 2021, Tove Joelsson presented her Doctoral Thesis in Chemical Engineering and she passed. Congratulations Dr Tove Joelsson!

The title on the thesis: "The influence of pulp type and hot-pressing conditions on paper strength development".


Kickoff Papermaking Network November 25 in Stockholm

Here we want to gather representatives from all Scandinavian uses of pulp, graphic paper, specialty, packaging and tissue paper in a valuable forum. It will be a hybrid meeting, ie those who can and want to meet in Stockholm at Drottning Kristinas väg 61, but it is also possible to join through a link during the day.