Innovation services

Innovation services within prototype and process

MoRe can help with new ideas and innovations in both products and processes. We work closely with the rest of RISE in the innovation process, where we use our various strengths to guide you who want support for your creative and innovative ideas. Perhaps you are in need of prototyping or want to test a process idea?

Here, our labs and pilots can help you test and verify your innovations. We have many competent researchers who are happy to guide you in chemistry, physics and process. We also have a strong network within RISE, so it is entirely possible to take the entire innovation process further with both different analyses, tests for new complex materials and processes.

All parts within RISE have one or more niche areas, so there is a high probability of finding the skills you are looking for. RISE can also help with seeking funding, support with techno-economic models, patent applications, life cycle analyzes and other important steps in the innovation process.

If you want to know more, contact Maria Edblad +4670 374 33 59, E-mail

Sylvia Larsson +4673 096 2961 E-mail