XPM - experimental paper machine for development and problem solution

Our XPM can produce paper in grammages between 20 and 300 g/m2. Many development and evaluation trials can be executed as a first step before mill trials.

The paper machine has a width of 225 mm with a fourdrinier wire, a press section, a drying cylinder section with the same heat as large paper machines and with a yankee cylinder for production of tissue as well as paper. Additional equipment are e.g. a conical refiner, 4 machine chests and equipment for dosage of chemicals at different positions. The paper is wound up onto a reel for later coating or surface treatment.

On our XPM we can do trials with e.g. fibre composition, beating degree, grammage or chemicals such as dyes, sizing or retention agents. A common usage is when paper mills or chemicals suppliers want to do screening tests in order to find the correct parameters for mill trials. The chemicals can be added at the same positions as on a large machine.

For more information, please contact Lars Sundvall