Different layers can be tested in the Dynamic Sheet Former

Board with up to five layers can be built up with different furnishes, which is why the Formette is suitable for a number of investigations when developing products, testing new chemicals, fillers, fibre mixtures etc.

Fibre anisotropy can be regulated in MoRe's dynamic sheet former, the Formette, so that it corresponds to paper which has been produced in a modern paper or board machine. The Formette can be adjusted to the same grammage and anisotropy as the customer's own machine.

The Formette has a speed of 1 200 m/min, and by varying the furnish spray and the speed of the wire, a fibre anisotropy corresponding to the situation on the paper or board machine in question can be reached. Sheets with grammages between 30 and 280 g/m2 may be produced on the Formette.

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