In MoRe Research and RISE Processum's rooms, towers are built of durable blocks!

Sustainable boxes build up in the auditorium with blue ecosystems and biodiversity, sustainable energy for everyone, sustainable consumption and production, clean water and sanitation for everyone. These are areas are daily work at MoRe.

Hans Grundberg at Lignofuels 2019, Oslo

Now Hans Grundberg is in the middle of this two-day conference at Lignofuels 2019 in Oslo Norway! Mingle, lectures and discussions about commercialization and scaling up of biofuels.

Thank you Lars and welcome Kristina!

After 82 board meetings, 5 067 days and after careful reading of at least as many pages of material, Lars Ahlenius left the board of MoRe Research at today's Annual General Meeting. Lars thanked the meeting for his excellent contribution to MoRe's development, a development that will continue and where Kristina Elg-Christoffersson will now participate as a newly elected board member. Thank you Lars and welcome Kristina!
Think what we will have accomplished in 5067 days ...

Unique chip impregnation equipment installed at MoRe Research

MoRe Research has installed pilot equipment aimed at real time studies of the wood chip impregnation process. It is integrated with MoRe’s pilot digester plant and used to study how wood chip is impregnated and cooked under various conditions. Studies can be conducted for paper pulps and dissolving pulps. The impregnation pilot is a result of a PhD work at Helsinki University and has been further developed by MoRe.

Single-use plastics: New EU rules to reduce marine litter

When EU is discussing future bans on several disposable plastic articles, it feels good to know that MoRe is doing research in this area. We are a part of an important Interreg project PlastiCel, together with the MiUn and RISE PFI.

The project aims to develop nanocellulose and cellulose composites with barrier and insulating properties so that they can replace plastic products.

Good presentation from Raghu Deshpande at Ekmandagarna 2019

Dr Raghu Deshpande had a good presentation about his exciting postdoc research with the title: ”Lignin carbohydrate complexes (LCC) studies during different pulping processes”. A good recording from MoRe Research research in the well-planned and interesting program that Ekmandagarna 2019 offered.

Happy Recycling!

It is important to recycling our garbage at our jobs for a cleaner planet. MoRe Research and RISE Processum has a really nice box to put the trash in. Good for us!