Scanning electron microscopy is used for studies of cross-sections and surfaces of end products, stains, impurities and deposits. This technology is often used in connection with product development, troubleshooting and support for end customers.

Different types of assignments:

Surface studies
Crystal structure
Cross-sectional analysis
Filler distribution in cross sections
Pigment coverage
Elemental compossion

Types of samples: Pulp / Paper / Cardboard, Scrap, Dots, Rubber Dust, Printed Finished Product, Solutions, Enclosures.

Recommendations for sampling:

Disassemble the jar during sampling
Do not mark too close to the defect / problem
Detachment is performed on MoRe
Send references
- Process and functional chemicals / materials
- Good reference test to compare with problem / bad test

Contakt: Marie Tjärnström, +4670 368 63 72 E-mail

Process Solutions

If you need to discuse process solutions please contact:

Chemical recovery and environmental investigations: Staffan Magnusson +4670-222 31 32, E-mail

Bioraffinery: Hans Grundberg, +4670-527 41 05, E-mail

Paper Process: Lars Sundvall, +4670-526 52 21, E-mail

Dissolving och Cellulose Derivatives: Hanna Rammsy, +4672-500 66 09, E-mail

Wood: Torbjörn Sjölund, +4670-658 58 21, E-mail