Used primarily for the positive identification of different inorganic and organic compounds in complex samples. Even very small samples such as spots and specks in pulp and paper can be analysed. Used in connection with troubleshooting, complaints, support for end-customers and for quality control of different raw materials.

Diffrent kinds of order:

Identifierication of compounds in solid or liquids without sample preparations. Qualitative/Quantitative analyses.

Types of samples: Pulp/Paper/Cardboard, Scrap, Dots, Rubber Dust, Printed Finished Product, Solutions, Enclosures.

Recommendations for sampling:

Disassemble the jar during sampling
Do not mark too close to the defect/problem
Detachment is performed on MoRe
Send references
- Process and functional chemicals/materials
- Good reference test to compare with problem/bad test

Contact: Leif Kassman, +4670 373 98 74 E-mail

Process Solutions

If you need to discuse process solutions please contact:

Chemical recovery and environmental investigations: Staffan Magnusson +4670-222 31 32, E-mail

Bioraffinery: Hans Grundberg, +4670-527 41 05, E-mail

Paper Process: Lars Sundvall, +4670-526 52 21, E-mail

Dissolving och Cellulose Derivatives: Hanna Rammsy, +4672-500 66 09, E-mail

Wood: Torbjörn Sjölund, +4670-658 58 21, E-mail