From tree to thread

From tree to thread

Only at MoRe, in Europe, you can find a complete chain of pilot equipment under the same roof, from chipping, cooking and bleaching via viscose solutions to the finished viscose thread in the spinning pilot. Here a direct spun viscose fibre can be produced for evaluation of process and product characteristics from raw material to special cellulose and further to viscose fibres. 

The spinning pilot can be used for batches between 140 and 220 ml viscose solution. The fibre is formed when the viscose solution is pressed through a nozzle in the spinning bath, consisting of different chemicals depending on the viscose process to be simulated. The fibres is then rolled up between two drums which have two different speeds, resulting in the fibres being stretched. It is collected on one of the drums and later cut to ca. 4 cm pieces. The pieces are washed, bleached and dried before being analysed.

The viscose solution to be evaluated can either be delivered from the viscose process in question or be produced from its special cellulose in MoRe's viscose pilot.

The pilot is owned by Processum Biorefinery Initiative, with MoRe taking care of operations.

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