Soft Wood

Soft Wood - Comparative testing for PFI mill

Autumn 2017 MoRe and PFI Instruments starts a requested comparative quality control for the PFI refiner for Soft Wood. By participating and comparing own results with results from other companies’ PFI refiners, one will know how well the own refiner is calibrated. The results can also be used as a complement to traceable calibration when your laboratory applies for accrediting or certification.

Once a year MoRe will send reference pulps to participating laboratories for refining, sheeting and testing. The results are checked and compiled at MoRe Research and presented in a report showing the values for the individual laboratory compared to the total findings. The report also contains diagrams for the individual parameters as well as tables with the other participators’ results.

The reference pulp is from one production which enables a direct comparison with the last results as well as long-time history.

The parameters planned to be part of the sample comparison are:

• Refining 5 points (ISO 5264-2)
• SR  (ISO 5267-1)
• CSF (ISO 5267-2)
• WRV (ISO 23714)
• Density (ISO 534)
• Tensile index (ISO 1924-3)
• Strain at break (ISO 1924-3)
• TEA (ISO 1924-3)
• Burst strength (ISO 2758)
• Light scattering coefficient (ISO 9416)
• Air permeance Bendtsen (ISO 5636-3)
• Tear strength (ISO 1974)

It is now possible to enter your laboratory for the quality control. Link to application form Soft Wood or send a mail to Pia Renström: E-mail

We do also have comparitive testing for Hard Wood, Eucalyptus. Link to applikation form Hard Wood, Eucalyptus.

For more information please contact: Pia Renström: E-mail

You can also send contact information, delivery address and VAT number to Pia Renström.