Pia Renström: Contact for comparative quality control of the PFI refiner

Pia Renström: Contact for comparative quality control of the PFI refiner

Pia Renström is responsible for the ECF bleached long fibre pulp and eucalyptus comparative quality control for comparative PFI refiner quality control. This is why she finds participation in these tests an advantage:

”Since many years the PFI refiner is standard equipment for realistic refining trials such as testing beatability of different pulps. But as for all laboratory and pilot equipment it is important to know that you can trust the results. Participation in these round robins is important as the participants get to know how well the results match”.

”Apart from checking your PFI refiner, these results can also be a complement to traceable calibration when a laboratory applies for accrediting or certification. It is also possible to have values from your online analyser compared”.

”The comparative quality control is open for all with a PFI refiner”, says Pia Renström. ”We started a round robin for ECF bleached long fibre pulp last autumn with participants from mill laboratories and universities in several European countries. Now we move on with one for eucalyptus pulp as that is the most common short fibre pulp. Eucalyptus also gives similar beating curves to other short fibres such as acacia”.

”When MoRe last autumn invested in a new PFI refiner supplied by Christian Aarefjord at PFI Instruments we had the prerequisites for leading comparative quality control round robins. Our cooperation includes frequent calibration of the refiner in order to ensure that the beating levels always are close to the nominal values. Christian has a vast experience of refiners, beating and measurements with customers around the world”.

”A great advantage of participating is to see if your refiner’s values differ from the others, making sure that problems are addressed, values are reliable and negative consequences are avoided. We also offer the possibility to order reference pulps for checking the PFI refiner in between the testing rounds”.

”Our experience from the first round of ECF bleached long fibre pulp beating tests is very good. We gained a lot of useful knowledge for the forthcoming bleached eucalyptus pulp round robin”, says Pia Renström.

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