Climat chamber

MoRe's climate chamber reveals the influence of moisture

Both individual sheets of paper and entire pallets can be exposed to varying moisture and temperature in MoRes climate chambers. The experimental set-up in the climate chamber can be adapted to various assignments, which can be solving problems and partly as part of development projects.

Fiber material is hygroscopic and therefore it is important to be able to measure how the surrounding humidity affects the physical properties of paper and cardboard materials. In MoRe's climate chamber, the impact of moisture on different samples can be tested under controlled conditions. The moisture can be varied between 20% and 80% RH and the temperature can be varied between 10 and 40 oC. This means that even extreme conditions can be simulated and its effects on the paper or carton can be measured.

In terms of paper, but also in many cases for packaging materials, one often wants to know how the material is cockling and/or curling. With the help of laser measuring equipment we can measure the paper flatness with high resolution. By adjusting the moisture in the chamber and measuring the sample at any moisture level, we can determine hygrostability, but also measure built-in voltages in the sample.

Because the chamber is relatively large, we can accommodate two pallets of paper or pulp for customers who want to see how they are affected by ambient moisture and varied temperatures during longer transport. We thus have great flexibility regarding the types of assignments we solve with the help of the climate chamber. Obviously, many customers have also discovered that because we have good occupancy in the climate chamber.

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